Planning ahead

Fail to plan, plan to fail


So it might not be that warm out but the sun is shinning and it’s got me thinking; what do I want to achieve this Spring and Summer?

Last Spring & Summer I wanted to catch some Barbel, I managed to do that; only landing two but still it was a nice start to river and Barbel fishing in general. This time around I’m going to try and be a bit more ambitious. Obviously as I write this the rivers are closed which puts any plans for Barbel or Chub on hold for now. So with that in mind what to aim for!

The way I see it I have two main avenues to go down, first of all I live very close to the canal, a canal I’ve had good success from in the past; secondly I live quite close to 3 lakes that again have all produced well in the past. So the way I see it, in the week I can focus on tracking down more 2lb plus perch and on the weekend I can focus on other species.

The chasing down of a Perch will be the easiest to get to do, I leave my lure rods set up all the time so I can grab and go. The hard part is getting them on the hook! As I see it I have two ways to go about this, pre bait a swim that I know holds fish and the other track them down by walking miles. I think that combining these two will work well. The plan is fairly simple; there is a spot just down the road that I have caught all manner of fish from including decent Perch. It has reacted well to the introduction of lose bait when float fishing; so my idea is when I go fishing on a weekend, any leftover bait goes in there. I never have much left so it won’t be loads and if I vary the times I introduce it they won’t get used to a pattern. So with this being so close to the house my plan is to get on my bike and ride out as far as it will take me to get back to the pre baited spot in time for last light, as we all know it’s the best time to catch all types of fish. This I hope will allow me to cover lots of ground but then have a spot that has been built up, the beauty of it being the canal is that to a degree the fish stay in the section they’re in and the pre baited one is in a smallish sections so not far for them to go to find the food.

So now for the lakes, I have a few things I’d like to achieve. The first and most pressing in my mind is to get among some nice Tench. It has been years since I’ve even caught one let alone seen one. This must change. I now have an ideal set up in an Avon and slightly stronger Barbel Avon rod, the only thing I need now are a couple of bait alarms. Luckily two of the local lakes hold nice Tench and both offer night fishing so I’m confident given the right approach I stand a good chance in achieving this.

The next thing I want to do is catch a 20lb carp off the surface, as I said in my last post; surface fishing is my favorite way to catch carp and a 20lb one off the surface would be amazing! This is going to be a bit harder, the lake I was on, on Monday holds very nice fish but is there a 20lb fish? That I’m not too sure of. The other issue is that the other two local lakes don’t allow surface fishing! So I may be forced to do a bit of searching to find a suitable venue but after all that’s part of the fun!

My final desire over the Spring & Summer or at the very least in the time before the river opens back up is to tie down my feeder fishing to help when I do get back on the river. Feeder fishing is not new to me but on lakes is probably my most under used method of fishing. I’ve focused a lot on it over the winter and while I’ve not had the best of winters I do certainly feel that I’m getting there with it.

It’s good to have a plan it keeps you focused and motivated, don’t get me wrong I’m not going to go fishing every session with the idea I MUST catch this fish. However I am certainly going to set aside some definite sessions to try and achieve these goals. While I do I will write up the tactics etc I use to let people know what’s working and what’s not!

Tight Lines


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