It’s the weekend & the suns out!

It’s the weekend!! Suns out rods out!


Well it looks nice out doesn’t it! Tomorrow can’t come quick enough!

My plan started off with the idea of going after some tench but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Mostly because I’m not going to get to where I’m going till they’ve most likely gone off the feed and I won’t be able to stay till dusk. So really trying to focus on them might be a waste of bait, which is a waste of money and time.

So what to do? Well where I’m going allows surface fishing, which I love, so why not aye! So the plan now is to make up a bit of groundbait and use that to feed the margin. Putting in a decent amount on arrival but nothing drastic in the hope of bringing in some fish and then feed over this with sweetcorn. While they are building some feeding confidence I plan to target any patrolling surface carp. Look at the weather; they’ve got to be coming up on the surface right!

My thinking in doing this is that I can┬ákeep an eye on the margin swim, looking for swirls and other signs of feeding. I’ll keep a rod set up with a small dumpy float that I can use to drop bait in with a bulk shot pattern causing minimal disturbance and hopefully land a nice fish. For hook baits I’m thinking sweetcorn, meat and paste. Nice visual and smelly baits that will carry instant attraction.

The floater approach is self explanatory really; if you can see em, then you can catch em! It’s low hanging fruit so why not capitalize on that when time is limited. That and I bagged a bargain on some secondhand controller floats, got to love a bargain! Going back to my aims for the Spring & Summer, one of which is a 20lb carp off the surface; well this place has 34lb fish so it’s possible. That and I watched the legend that is Matt Hayes land a 37lb beast off the surface and that’s all I can think of now!

As for set ups, simple really. I’ve got 3 rods in my bag and don’t think I need to take anything else. I’ve got my 1.25 test Avon and my 1.75 test barbel rod, both of which have specimen and quiver sections so they can handle both methods I’m looking to do; on top of that I have my 13ft float rod that so far can handle pretty much anything I throw at it.

So for the float rod; it’s simple really as I’m going in the margin I want the float to be small and buoyant to be able to stand up to the action below it but also so that it doesn’t dive deep and spook the fish. This I’ll set up to start off with on a bulk shot pattern to get it down fast as I think they’ll be eating heavy; if that doesn’t work then I’ll try a pattern to allow a more wafted approach to the bait settling. I’ll start with a size 18 and go up if I need to; I’m all about using the smallest hook possible. This will as with most of my fishing be a Kasman Animal hook.

For the floater set up, even simpler than above! I’ll have the main line straight through to a 16 or 18 hook, the size will depend on the size of the fish that I’m catching. There’ll then be a controller float attached with a clip swivel to allow a fast change if they go longer or come closer etc locked in place with float stops and beads. ┬áNothing fancy here!

So that’s the plan, lets hope it’s a good one!

Tight Lines


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