Hi folks,

My name’s Sam and I have a confession to make; I love fishing!!! I love going fishing, I love talking about fishing, I love planning trips, reading about new tackle and techniques. You could say I’m a bit obsessed.

Even though I love fishing as much as I do I sadly had to take a break from fishing a couple of years ago. I set a business up and with all things in life sometimes other things have to take priority. Well I’m back baby!!!

I have finally settled things down to a point where I can come back to a hobby and love affair that has lasted since I was five years old. A mist covered lake, a tiny waggler and some juicy red maggots; one perch later and I was hooked for life!!!

I have (like many I think) my Dad to thank for my love of fishing; fishing was ingrained in his family. Growing up a stones throw from Kingsbry Waterpark, Tamworth it’s no surprise him and his many brothers took to fishing as a past time. I’ve forgotten more stories than I can remember that start with “one morning when me and my brothers were fishing”. So thanks Pops; fishing has stayed with me through thick and thin and I’m really enjoying being back on the scene.

I have never created a blog, so this is totally new to me. The reason for creating the blog is simple really; I want to record what I am doing so I have a reference in the years to come to make fishing easier and also I think it will be fun to allow others in on this. Also I think with taking on new ways of fishing it will be a good way to learn and hopefully help others learn in the process.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments, questions or advice please get in touch.

Tight lines